Become a byyker


How does byyker work?

STEP 1: become a byyker. This will help you to find your freedom. Log on via Facebook, Google or just give us some basic details.
It really is that easy!

If you want to borrow a bike

STEP 2: search for the byyke you would like to borrow and how long you want to borrow it for.
STEP 3: refine your search by providing additional information on the byyke that you are looking for e.g. type, size, and accessories.
STEP 4: decide on the byyke you want, pay and receive contact information on where to pick it up.
STEP 5: borrow your byyke and return it at the agreed time. Give feedback on the byyke and the lender.
STEP 6: cycle more. discover more. Borrow another byyke and once again, find your freedom.

If you want to lend a bike

STEP 2:register your address, and tell us about your byyke; type, condition and any additional accessories. Let us know of its availability.
STEP 3: receive information of when byykers want to borrow your byyke. Make sure the byyke is ready to be borrowed; tyres pumped, chain oiled etc.
STEP 4: hand over your byyke to your fellow byyker at the agreed time.
STEP 5: upon your byyke’s return check it over, log on to byyker and give feedback to the community on your byyke borrower.