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About byyker - Find your Freedom

cycle more. discover more.

Bikes are fun – to many of us they were the first sense of freedom we ever felt. Bikes allowed us to discover the world around us that walking never did. If you were like us you would think nothing of leaving the house at 9am and coming back at dusk, tired hungry but happy. We only really remembered this when we got back on our bikes in our early 30’s, and what a great feeling it was; and over the next 20 years we have enjoyed many hours on 2 wheels. At byyker we have very simple aims. Firstly, we want to reinvigorate this sense of freedom that cycling can bring. Secondly, the world is very inviting to the cyclist and there are many amazing things to see, wonderful trails to experience and the feeling of freedom really is second to none.


But at byyker we recognise that there are also barriers to getting out on two wheels; the cost can be high, transporting your bikes to where you want to go can be painful and owning a valuable asset that rarely gets used may be seen as unnecessary expense. And finally we believe that cycling is a community, not designed by location, not constrained by ability, but rather created by that sense that everyone has when on two wheels, the sense of freedom and that feeling of just being.

So, at byyker we want to make cycling simple; whether that’s by enabling you to borrow a bike when you are on holiday, try a byyke before you decide to buy it, go on a family ride without incurring the expense of buying bikes for fast growing children, or just want to get out on a weekend – byyker IS for you. Let us put you in touch with someone who knows the local area, let us take away the initial outlay of buying a bike that may not suit your needs and let us help you to discover more.

  • byyker helps you choose your byyke and your location based on your needs.
  • byyker helps you lend your byyke at a price that you are comfortable with and at a time that reflects your lifestyle.
  • byyker brings people together, all of whom have at least one thing in common – the simple byyke.

cycle more – discover more. Byyker can help you find your freedom.